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Shamanic Energy Medicine

1h Shamanic Energy Medicine Session

The Illumination process is the central process in the Shamanic Energy Medicine I offer.

This process will help you release heavy energy from the Chakras and the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds your body, which can assists in reducing negative emotions and behaviors. The immune system can do its work and physical healing is accelerated.

In the Inka shamanic traditions there are no “bad” energies. There are only energies that are “light,” and so support life, and energies that are “heavy,” which cannot be digested.

The Illumination process transforms heavy energies into light, turning emotional wounds into sources of power and knowledge.

The entire process takes about an hour.

Some clients report a change in body temperature, or experience involuntary muscle spasms, or spontaneous jerking – signs that energies are moving and releasing. 


125.00 USD